COMKFORCommander, Kosovo Force
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The Directive allows KFOR on-site commanders to order detention for up to eighteen hours, and "allows MNB [Multi-National Brigade] commanders to detain people for up to 72 hours on their own authority...." (48) The COMKFOR must approve continued detention beyond 72 hours.
In making detention decisions, COMKFOR may consult a Detention Review Panel chaired by the KFOR legal advisor and whose members are designated by COMKFOR.
For example, Amnesty objected to the fact that Directive 42 allowed COMKFOR to authorize detentions for long periods without judicial authorization or review.
(10) Joint operational control on security was deemed so important that this committee was established to make decisions on specific operations and programs, which COMKFOR and the SRSG were unable to address in their daily strategy meetings.
In June 1999, a voluntary undertaking by the UCK to demilitarize and demobilize was signed and presented to COMKFOR by the then commander in chief of the UCK Hashim Thaci.
As in Bosnia with SFOR, MSU is a dedicated KFOR asset, and its command reports directly to COMKFOR. This means that while MSU is deployed throughout Kosovo and has a theater-wide remit, its personnel are not part of any MNB command structure.
In such circumstances, multinational brigades would likely continue to operate as semidetached entities with little opportunity to exercise overall control by COMKFOR.
I am still not sure if they really knew that we were MP, but I know for sure that the COMKFOR did.