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COMMACommon Object Oriented Methodology Metamodel Architecture
COMMACity of Morganton Municipal Auditorium (Morganton, NC)
COMMACorporate Memory Management through Agents
COMMACologne Model of the Middle Atmosphere
COMMACommon Object Methodology Metamodel Architecture
COMMACoven of the Mother Mountain Aerie
COMMACompany of Master Mariners of Australia
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When you doand when those clauses are linked by a conjunction (and, but, or, so, nor, yet)place a comma before the conjunction.
Subsequent tests revealed that the Neo would inexplicably pull to the right sometimes, but a software update released by Comma quickly fixed that.
"PECB and Comma Soft AG have always put great emphasis on the quality of their services.
This will find the location of the comma and start the MID function after the subsequent space.
While Norris may have a job as a "comma queen," readers of Between You & Me will find that "prose goddess" is perhaps a more apt description of this delightful writer.
Comma's face appears on a sailboat and surfboard, and there are fir trees on Comma's cape.
Closely related to the run-on sentence is the comma splice, two independent clauses joined only by a comma.
But with a comma, it becomes clear that the phrases that follow--about the role of government in securing the people's rights--are part of the same sentence and were just as important to Jefferson as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
India's entry 'Life' also left a mark on the jury and won the Silver Comma Award.
A number of you showed especial interest in the small but mighty comma, whose use or lack thereof changes the meanings of so many of our written sentences.
Now Comma Press, the publisher that created an anthology of Liverpool stories in 2008, is back in Merseyside to launch an anthology of Gaza short fiction.
The writer who neglects punctuation, or mispunctuates, is liable to be misunderstood for the want of merely a comma ...--Edgar Allan Poe