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COMMENTCongress on Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
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As we presume therefore to convey only this last to the reader, we shall pass by whatever was said, till the rest of the company having by degrees dropped off, left only Square and the physician together; at which time the conversation was a little heightened by some comments on what had happened between the two young gentlemen; both of whom the doctor declared to be no better than scoundrels; to which appellation the philosopher, very sagaciously shaking his head, agreed.
While the listeners were smiling their comments there was a quick movement behind their backs, and they looked round.
The superior nerve of women in all matters connected with love, from the casting of the first sheep's-eye down to the end of the honeymoon, is too well acknowledged to need comment.
Automated campaigns could use temporary emails to leave thousands of comments and it would be impossible to differentiate between those and comment made by actual citizens attempting to engage on the matter.
However, the feature received a lot of flak as it also took away the ability to manage comments from the YouTube Inbox and moved comment notices to alerts instead, Tech Crunch reports.
Users can also serve as moderators by clicking a box against a comment viewed as spam or abusive.
Google has rolled out 2 new features for Blogger, namely Comment spam filtering and Comments inbox.
At recent selectmen meetings, public comment has been denied by the board, creating speculation in town that public comment was destined for the dustbin of town history.
I haven't been motivated to see if there's a paper I'd like to comment on because I have plenty of other things to do.
Proposals include imposing deadlines for taking public comment cards, allowing comments only on city business, and setting aside a 20-minute block for those who want to talk about neighborhood concerns.
The last thing the world needs at this difficult moment is someone like Robertson offering these kinds of incendiary comments.
In December 2004 the Board published an initial ANPR to commence a comprehensive review of the open-end credit rules and to solicit comment on a variety of issues relating to the format of open-end credit disclosures, the content of disclosures, and the substantive protections provided under the regulation.