COMMEXCommodities Exchange
COMMEXCommunications Exercise
COMMEXCommunications Experts (Chatham, MA)
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Upon arrival at Fort Hood, the company spent three days conducting an internal COMMEX to validate equipment functionality and upload configuration files.
The COMMEX took place over five days, with each ABC System added to the network in a phased, controlled manner beginning with Information System Control, Maneuver Control System, and All-Source Analysis System-Light, through the remainder of the traditional suite of systems, and ending with Command Post of the Future.
The troopers of B Company and the 3rd ACR established the foundations for enduring professional relationships, gained confidence in themselves and their equipment, and came away from the COMMEX prepared to execute the Regimental Mission Rehearsal Exercise at the NTC.
After an abbreviated, but successful, reception and staging operations, including another small COMMEX, in the "dustbowl;" the Regiment began a phased movement into the NTC's Forward and Coalition Operating Bases.
The total number of terminal devices quickly devoured the Regiment's allocated bandwidth--a circumstance unforeseen during the COMMEX.
A successful COMMEX includes a formal plan that is understood by the battalion tactical operations center and all subordinate units.