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He used every insult his unimaginative brain could think of and even tried to impress the commie mob with a pathetic attempt at wit.
THE MILLION rouble question is how has a group of dull commie losers of below average intelligence managed to take over the minds and souls of most Cypriots?
An upstanding, honest commie like Andros would have been happier if the investigators carried out their job with less zeal and failed to find anything.
RUMOURS suggested that the commies of AKEL had also received half a million for the Tof's election campaign from the same source.
Now that the attorney-general has ordered the detention of two commie officials the party is convinced it is a set-up and an attack on AKEL.
But he succeeded, through methodical displays of piss-poor judgement, shows of consistent, costly cluelessness, decisions that sucked, regularly avoiding taking responsibility, blind loyalty to AKEL's commies and Tof-like obstinacy.
AKEL has been recruiting kids under 10 and making them chant commie slogans.
MANY are wondering why Professor Panicos, an educated man and, theoretically, an independent state official, keeps playing the AKEL stooge, actively participating in the ridiculous commie schemes.
If there is one thing that is certain about 2013 it is that, for most people, it will be anything but prosperous.On the plus side, after February the clique of incompetent, commie half-wits who have turned a once-thriving plantation into a wasteland will not be able to cause any more destruction as they will leave office.
YOU HAVE to give credit to our commie rulers for the artful way in which they set the political trends.
AKEL chief Andros had also been sent to Beijing in order to beg his commie comrades for a loan and direct investment in the Popular Bank, but he did not make them sign any document.
On Friday morning, the dour commie spokesman Giorgos Loucaides repeatedly reprimanded on air a CyBC radio host who was interviewing him.