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COMMITCommunity Intervention Trial for Smoking Cessation (National Cancer Institute)
COMMITCoordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking
COMMITCommunity Impact Team (Colorado Springs, CO police)
COMMITCultivating Obedience, Ministering Mercy, Internalizing Truth (mother/daughter conference)
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The Court reasoned that unless the enabling act admitting a state into the Union excluded state jurisdiction over crimes committed on an Indian reservation involving only non-Indian parties, state courts are vested with jurisdiction over non-Indi ans who commit crimes on Indian lands.
Managers are no more or less honest than the employees--they just have more opportunity to commit bigger thefts.
At Garcia's trial, the defense said a gang member in February 2002 ordered Garcia to commit a carjacking.
Increasingly though, states are enacting unilateral conspiracy statutes that allow a suspect to be charged with conspiracy if the suspect agrees with an informant or undercover agent to commit a crime.
Parviz Bergis, 69, the former personal physician to the Shah of Iran, pleaded not guilty Monday to conspiracy to commit and grand theft of personal property, three counts of worker's compensation fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit workers' compensation fraud, according to the complaint.
Men usually commit what are known as predatory 7crimes--murder, burglary, assault, rape, and robbery.
California's statute requires the defendant to be wearing body armor while committing or attempting to commit a violent offense, as defined in the California Penal Code.
The term "contact rapist" was coined only recently, but according to surveys of rape victims, these offenders commit their crimes with relative frequency.
These cases go far beyond what is necessary to convict a suspect for the often-over-looked crime of conspiracy, which is simply an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime.