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COMMITSCOMMerce Information Technology Solutions Contract (U.S. Department of Commerce)
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The same penalty will be levied against those who commit war crimes against other properties, and the draft law also provides for execution or life imprisonment for any individual that commits war crimes or crimes of aggression.
The COMMITS NexGen tier structure, which includes a range of sizes of small business contractors and allows similar size contractors to compete against each other, is unique among other similar contracts.
Second, organizations commit resources across countless genres and ideas.
The Supreme Court ruled that youths under 18 who commit terrible crimes are less blameworthy than adults, at least for purposes of the death penalty: They are less mature, more susceptible to peer pressure, and their personalities are unformed.
Few, if any, organized serial murderers are psychotic at the time they commit their offenses.
Once the defender commits, the receiver must fully engage him to prevent him from making a play on the ball-carrier.
As a result, if a man commits a violent crime against a woman and gets off lightly, an outcry from women's groups often follows.
* Sometimes top executives commit fraud because of their personal financial difficulties.
Further, the RSA commits to incorporate this philosophy into its monitoring practices.
under a duty to perform the act in respect of which the violation occurs." This means that the responsible person who commits the willful act that leads to the charges against the corporation may also be personally liable under Sec.
Goldman's trial presentation focused upon the applicable rent control provisions which not only require the tenant to refrain from engaging in conduct whereby the tenant commits a nuisance, but also refrains from conduct which facilitates and thereby permits a nuisance.