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COMMITSCOMMerce Information Technology Solutions Contract (U.S. Department of Commerce)
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The greater the amount of time needed, the more important it becomes to issue periodic COMMITs.
The Supreme Court ruled that youths under 18 who commit terrible crimes are less blameworthy than adults, at least for purposes of the death penalty: They are less mature, more susceptible to peer pressure, and their personalities are unformed.
Few, if any, organized serial murderers are psychotic at the time they commit their offenses.
Sometimes top executives commit fraud because of their personal financial difficulties.
Peers have also been proven to have an effect on students who commit violent acts on school grounds (Howell, 1994; Williams, et al.
On the other hand, if the killer lies in wait, captures the victim, takes the victim somewhere remote and commits the murder, the special circumstance does not apply
The above cases illustrate that if a non-Indian commits a crime against an Indian on a reservation then the federal government has jurisdiction.
Criminologist Gil Geis, a former member of the President's Crime Council, says there's a correlation between crime and age: "Younger people--especially males--are likely to commit more traditional crimes such as robbery, larceny and assault.
An agreement between two or more people to commit a crime constitutes a conspiracy.
A violent teen-ager who commits an adult crime should be treated as an adult in court and should receive adult punishment,'' he said Saturday.