COMMUCommunications Unit
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This prevented the need to stop COMMU to update the neural network.
After implementing these modifications, operator resistance to COMMU began to lessen and some benefits started to become evident.
The motivation for the development and implementation of COMMU was to improve the task of processing pulp.
At Upton, the 12 employees displaced by COMMU were given other opportunities within Upton's parent company.
Another benefit of COMMU was a simpler and easier BSW process.
When the revised COMMU was reintroduced, the operator and supervisor jobs became much simpler and easier.
With the improved explanation capabilities of COMMU, operators can enquire as to how a decision was reached.
Savings in the operational changes brought on by COMMU are estimated at between $1m-$15m per year by management.
COMMU provides the ability to make more consistent and accurate decisions.
Through the implementation of COMMU, a 10-15 per cent improvement in productivity was achieved.
All indicators suggest that the COMMU ES is a success.
In fact, some deficiencies in COMMU are already beginning to show.