COMMZCommunications Zone
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Addressing gender equality and women's empowerment is apparent through the continued work and initiatives of the Business Women of Egypt 21 Association, whom for the past three years Jupiter Commz team have been closely working with and promoting their vision and mission.
Salah El Din Aloui,Chairman & MD of Jupiter Commz
A more holistic "system of systems" perspective better reveals our COMMZ megaproblem and the fact that we have framed "joint logistics" problems by trying to isolate them from other problems, such as joint command and control and battlespace awareness.
One of the most confusing aspects of prosecuting the full range of military operations is that of prosecuting COMMZ capabilities efficiently and effectively.
How can we renew some mental models that might help us appreciate this COMMZ megaproblem?
It is time to appreciate the magnitude of this COMMZ megaproblem and at least share confusion about its complexity across functional stovepipes.
Unfortunately, the COMMZ megaproblem has no such executive assigned to it.