COMNAVAIRSYSCOMCommander, Naval Air Systems Command
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The squadron submitted hazardous-material-report/engineering-investigation (HMR/EI) requests to Commander, Naval Air Systems Command (ComNavAirSysCom) for the hydraulic pump and the AMAD.
Andrews CNATRA VT-2 VT-7 VT-10 HT-18 VT-27 VT-31 VT-35 COMMARFORPAC HMLAT-303 HMLA-367 HMLA-369 HMM-262 HMM-265 HMM-364 VMM-161 HMH-463 HMH-361 HMH-466 VMA-513 VMFAT-101 MCAS Kaneohe Bay COMNAVAIRFORES VP-69 VR-55 VR-57 VFC-12 VR-48 VR-56 HSC-85 VAW-77 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM U.S.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-131 VFA-103 VAW-124 HS-3 HSL-48 HSC-26 VP-30 VS-22 VX-1 COMNAVAIRFOR VFA-192 VFA-27 VAW-115 HS-6 HSL-49 HSC-21 VPU-2 VQ-1 (EW) VQ-3 (TACAMO) VAQ-134 (Expeditionary) VAQ-139 (Pac deployed) VAQ-130 (Lant deployed) COMMARFORCOM VMFA-122 VMGR-252 VMM-266 VMAQ-3 VMM-162 VMAQ-1 VMU-2 HMH-464 VMR-1 VMFA(AW)-224 COMNAVAIRFORES VP-62 VR-46 VR-51 VR-57 VR-62 HSC-85 VFC-111 VAQ-209 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM VX-31 FRC, Southeast CNATRA VT-2 VT-7 VT-10 VT-21 VT-27 VT-35 HT-18 COMMARFORPAC HMM-262 VMGR-152 VMGR-352 HMLA-267 HMH-363 HMM-364 HMM-166 HMM-161 HMLA-169 HMLA-369 VMA-311 MCAS Yuma VMFA(AW)-242 COMNAVAIRFORES VP-62 VR-46 VR-51 VR-57 VR-62 HSC-85 VFC-111 VAQ-209 CG FOURTH MAW HMM-764 HMLA-773 (-) HMLA-773 HMLA-773 Det.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-86 VFA-143 VAW-123 HS-15 HSL-42 HSC-26 VP-30 VS-32 VX-1 COMNAVAIRFOR VFA-147 VFA-154 VAW-115 HS-6 HSC-21 VP-40 VQ-2 (EW) HSL-37 VAQ-138 VAQ-137 (Pac deployed) (Lant deployed) VAQ-142 VQ-7 (TACAMO) (Expeditionary) COMMARFORCOM HML/A-269 VMR-1 VMM-263 VMGR-252 VMFA-251 VMAQ-1 HMM-365 VMAT-203 VMAQ-3 VMFA (AW)-533 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Naval Test Pilot School Fleet Readiness Center, Southwest COMMARFORPAC HMM-262 VMGR-152 HMH-463 HMH-362 HMH-363 HMM-268 VMA-211 HMM-161 HMLA-369 VMA-311 VMFA(AW)-242 VMFA(AW)- MCAF 121 Kaneohe Bay COMNAVAIRFORES VFC-12 VFC-13 VP-69 VR-1 VR-54 VR-56 VR-58 HSL-60 CG FOURTH MAW HMLA-773 HMLA-775(-) HMLA-773, Det.