COMNONCommander, Allied Forces, Northern Norway
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A solution that was acceptable to both parties would have to be based on confidence on the part of the Americans that COMNON had sufficient control in his area of responsibility that the size of the AOA could be reduced and its shape tailored to the geography in such a way that COMNON's units would not be unduly hindered in their movements while the amphibious landing was in progress.
Marine brigades could be more effectively employed in the defense of northern Norway if the ground combat component were placed under tactical command of the Norwegian 6th Division and the air component were under his own air component commander, COMAIRNON, and integrated in the COMNON air campaign.
Also, according to current plans, COMNON was allocated only operational control over the U.
They required that all STRIKEFLT units establish radio communications with COMNON in order to report their positions and intended movement and to receive information about friendly units in the area, recognition procedures, IFF (identification, friend or foe) settings, and so on.
A special problem was keeping track of, and deconflicting, carrier-based air under COMSTRIKFLTLANT and land-based air under COMNON.
For the purpose of submarine operations and naval surveillance, COMNON acted as a functional commander in the SACLANT chain of command.