COMPACCentral de Comutação de Pacotes (Portuguese: Switching Center Package)
COMPACUK Man-Portable SATCOM Terminal
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We are delighted that Regent Seven Seas has selected our COMPAC system the first water-lubricated propeller shaft system for the cruise line.
Three other COMPACs, which were all funded by the province and situated in strategic areas, are set to be inaugurated before the year ends.
In his message, Guyguyon said that the COMPAC was accomplished as a show of their cooperation, support and gratitude to the services of the Police in the town led by Awisan.
They were then rescued by the team composed of porters, guide, park rangers and personnel of the Babadac COMPAC and taken to Bashoy, Kabayan, Benguet before leaving for Baguio City on Sunday.