COMPADCompetition Advocate
COMPADCommunication Pad (teaching method)
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* Make sure the instructor's computer (the server computer) has an empty folder on the desktop named Compad Output.
Tenders are invited for Re -installation of ductable type ac 8.5 tr at compad bldg at chandimandir
We aim at developing a novel adhesive technology, CompAd, that ultimately targets the commercialization of adhesive formulations for coating different surfaces, producing materials where bonding: 1) occurs under a pressure-sensitive contact mechanism; 2) can be classified as weak; 3) is reversible; and 4) takes place between two complementary surfaces.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Fixing In Repair Of Automatic Door Of Compad Of Hq Western Command At Chdm (Building No P 899)