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Forward adaptation can be also performed by normalizing the difference signal with [[??].sup.(j)] after which so obtained normalized samples, [z.sup.(j).sub.i], can be quantized by a fixed-rate optimal compander (Encoder 3 and Decoder 3), commonly designed for the unit variance.
Third quantizer implemented in the modified BTC algorithm is forward adaptive optimal compander and it is used for quantization of the difference between the amplitude of the input signal and the quantized mean of the input samples frame.
The optimal compander is designed for the optimal compressor function, which provides maximal SQNR for the variance assumed in designing the compander in question.
where [t.sub.max] denotes the maximal amplitude of the input signal x, for which the compander is designed.
Our aim is to design the profile and parameters of the compander such that the non-linear distortion has minimal effect on the system's performance for a given amount of PAPR reduction.
where [m.sub.1], [m.sub.2], ..., [m.sub.P], [c.sub.1], [c.sub.2], ..., [c.sub.P] and [a.sub.1], [a.sub.2], ..., [a.sub.P - 1] are the compander parameters, such that T(x) is a monotonically increasing function.
This also suggests that the compander's profile should follow the identity transform as closely as possible.
This set is divided into subsets in such a way that within each subset, the variation of amplitude statistics affecting the compander performance is smaller as compared to that in the complete set.
Definition of the statistical measure S depends upon the form of compander function, such that change in S is causative of change in compander output from its desired value.
Since S is such a statistical measure that the compander function and its output are directly affected by its value, the conditions on variances are imposed in order to ensure that compander performance will be similar in all subsets.
The initial Compander problem prevented a digital connection from Leafax IIId to Leafdesk.
The AP had changed to a JPEG compression scheme in the new Leafax that required a new Compander on the receiving end until a compression board could be installed in the fileserver, where it is connected to the modem.
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