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The watermarking data are embedded into the detailed sub-bands of every block with the companding technique consisting of a successive process of compression and expansion [20].
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The DWT-64DAPSK system in Fig.2a using Rayleigh channel with Jakes or Gaussian spectrum is shown to have at least 32dB lower PSD with or without companding when compared to that with exponential transform.
High-quality DPCM speech coding scheme employing the scalar companding quantizer and the switched first-order predictor is proposed in [10].
In this paper, further motivated by tradeoffs among BER performance, PAPR reduction, distortion noise, and transmit power of MCM systems, we propose an adaptive nonlinear companding scheme with low companding distortion noise.
PAPR can also be reduced at the expense of non-linear distortion by using iterative clipping and filtering (ICF), peak windowing and companding [2][3].
Log domain filters use companding in signal processing idea [18], [19].
PAPR can also be reduced by deterministic operations, like iterative clipping and filtering (ICF), peak windowing and companding.
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