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COMPARECompiler Generation for Parallel Machines
COMPAREComparison of Mesoscale Prediction and Research (climatology)
COMPAREConsole for Optical Measurement And Precise Analysis Of Radiation From
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Compare the 'Spectator' essays with any others with which you are familiar.
Compare the members of the three great departments of the thirteen States, excluding from the judiciary department the justices of peace, with the members of the corresponding departments of the single government of the Union; compare the militia officers of three millions of people with the military and marine officers of any establishment which is within the compass of probability, or, I may add, of possibility, and in this view alone, we may pronounce the advantage of the States to be decisive.
I ask the jury to compare them with the finger marks of the accused upon the windowpanes, and tell the court if they are the same.
Knightley's air is so remarkably good that it is not fair to compare Mr.