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COMPASCorrectional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions (criminal justice; various states)
COMPASCentre on Migration Policy and Society (Oxford University)
COMPASComputer-Oriented Metering, Planning, and Advisory System (air traffic control)
COMPASCenter for Observations, Modeling and Prediction At Scripps
COMPASCongress on Modern Pan-African Slavery
COMPASComplete Oil Marketers Perpetual Accounting System (software)
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The controversy over COMPAS highlights the tension between notions of individual fairness and group fairness, which can be impossible to reconcile.
Going back to the COMPAS sentencing debacle, it is unquestionably unfair to the black convicts who are rated as greater risks than they should be--but it's also unfair to everyone who will be victimized by the future crimes committed by white offenders let off too easily.
When results were pooled, humans were accurate 67 percent of the time, while COMPAS had 65.2 percent accuracy, which a statement on the study's results noted is statistically the same.
The results of the study show that overall predictions made by random people were 67 percent accurate, while Compas' predictions were 65 percent accurate.
What Compas Scoobie needs is a Flat track, a strong pace to run at and some give in the ground.
What surprised me about the letter from Eastern was that its author could prove something had gone very wrong with his COMPAS assessment.
The COMPAS trial was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education.
El Subcomandante Insurgente Moises reproduce un dialogo entre un formador de educacion que paso seis meses en un caracol trabajando y su padre: "Llegando en su casa de su papa, 'ya vine, papa', dice el compa. Y el papa de ese compa formador dice '?trajiste tu maiz?, ?trajiste tu frijol?
COMPAS is a 50:50 venture owned by Germany's Daimler and Japan's Nissan.
The construction of the COMPAS complex (Manufacturing Cooperation Plant of Aguascalientes) commenced at the beginning of September.
In a scintillating fusion of heart wrenching vocals, explosive footwork and virtuoso guitar playing, Jaleo return to Britain after three years with their latest new stage show A Compas, brimming over with the intoxicating rhythms, palpable energy and joie de vivre which has become synonymous with the company.