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COMPASCorrectional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions (criminal justice; various states)
COMPASCentre on Migration Policy and Society (Oxford University)
COMPASComputer-Oriented Metering, Planning, and Advisory System (air traffic control)
COMPASCenter for Observations, Modeling and Prediction At Scripps
COMPASCongress on Modern Pan-African Slavery
COMPASComplete Oil Marketers Perpetual Accounting System (software)
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When results were pooled, humans were accurate 67 percent of the time, while COMPAS had 65.
What surprised me about the letter from Eastern was that its author could prove something had gone very wrong with his COMPAS assessment.
In addition to the direct employment, COMPAS is also expected to generate around 12,000 indirect jobs, "largely due to a high localisation rate which will significantly increase the Mexican supply base".
COMPAS data was also used for payment of services (shipping, transport, storing, and distribution by implementing partners).
One of the goals of this overall evaluation was to assess the test-retest reliability and concurrent validity of the COMPAS measures of service needs.
Because COMPAS is completely portable, problems can be resolved quickly right at the problem site.
With this newly launched modifiable Business Intelligence Dashboards, observe a variety of data fully integrated to COMPAS s ATS Platforms.
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