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On the other hand, CompD has 73% of the total number of practice pairs identified as correlated, which contributes to its highest precision and recall.
All the tested compounds except for compd. 3 show different cytotoxicity against the four cell lines.
O/O The Principal General Manager Mtce Southern Telecom Region, 3Rd Floor Sanchar Complex Wms Compd 47Th Cross, 9Th Main, 5Th Block Jayanagar, Bengaluru-560041
Element Weight% Atomic% Compd % Formula C K 27.26 33.31 99.88 CO2 Si K 0.05 0.03 0.10 SiO2 Cl K 0.02 0.01 0.00 O 72.67 66.66 Totals 100.00
Tenders are invited for SITC of (3+1) x 7 TR Precision Package AC Units and modification in Power Room Panel for Mobile core equipment under Mobile Phase VIII.4 project at Mobile Switch Room, 3rd Floor Tax Bldg., CTO Compd.
Tenders are invited for External painting and other work to 5 nos type -iii staff qtrs bldg at bsnl compd warora dist- chandrapur
Tenders are invited for Restoration of collapsed rh side cw near 3g tower and te bldg at te compd balaghat rd gondia(phiii)
Tenders are invited for Shifting of Office furniture and files of O/oCE Civil AP Civil Zone Hyd Office at eighth floor BSNL Bhavan Adarshnagar Hyd to New CE Civil Office MAX-I Bldg 1st floor at Autonagar Exchange compd Vijayawada in connection with Modifications to accommodate CGM GM Offices in 3rd floor of BSNL Bhavan Machavaram Vijayawada
Tenders are invited for E Tender for Reconst of collapsed c wall at Forest colony side of s quarter at E-10-B Bldg Compd Chandrapur
Tenders are invited for Reconst of collapsed c wall at forest colony side of s quarter at e-10-b bldg compd chandrapur