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"But you competed among yourselves?" Ernest interrupted.
"But with milk two cents higher, I should think you could have competed," Ernest suggested slyly.
Keeping Miss Havisham in the background at a great distance, I still hinted at the possibility of my having competed with him in his prospects, and at the certainty of his possessing a generous soul, and being far above any mean distrusts, retaliations, or designs.
In brief, the man and woman competed with each other to name him most without naming him ever the same.
Three sons of Alcinous, Laodamas, Halios, and Clytoneus, competed also.
The scene suggested a Swiss Alp rather than the shrine and centre of a leisured world, and was marred only by two ugly little villas-- the villas that had competed with Cecil's engagement, having been acquired by Sir Harry Otway the very afternoon that Lucy had been acquired by Cecil.
The abstract, the typical, the general--these were everywhere exalted at the expense of the image, the specific experience, the vital fact.' Lowell declares that it 'ignored the imagination altogether and sent Nature about her business as an impertinent baggage whose household loom competed unlawfully with the machine-made fabrics, so exquisitely uniform in pattern, of the royal manufactories.' Still more hostile is Matthew Arnold: 'The difference between genuine poetry and the poetry of Dryden, Pope, and all their school, is briefly this: Their poetry is conceived and composed in their wits, genuine poetry is conceived and composed in the soul.
The Blu Girls competed in the World Cup and Canada Cup where they scored victories over Canada, Mexico, Australia and Chinese Taipei, countries that are in the top six nations in the world.
It is a achievement as she competed rein since this Brooke's father Paul said: "We are very proud of Brooke in winning her first two classes of the week, and it is a huge achievement for her as she has only competed off the lead rein since January this year."
In the Elite section, the Espoires (Gems) competed free and ball routines achieving an excellent second place overall, a fantastic result as this is the group's first year at Elite level.
Corinne Kaplan and Eliza Orlins: Corinne, 39, and Eliza, 35, from Denver, Colorado and New York, have each competed on two prior seasons of "Survivor."
Despite only being 15 years old, in her career so far Emily has competed in some of the sport's biggest events including the English Championships, where she came second, and the British Gymnastics Championships where she was crowned British champion.