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COMPOSTComposition System (software library)
COMPOSTCommittee on Post-1998 Ocean Drilling
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And for people wondering what to do with piles of fallen leaves this autumn, one possibility is to make a leaf mould that can be used in place of peat as a potting compost for container plants.
It sounds gross, but they can eat a half pound of fruit and vegetable bits, eggshells and coffee grounds a day, and if you manage the composter well you should forget it's even there,'' said Teddy Tedesco, project manager for the New York City Compost Project, hosted by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Consumption for Packaging (Loose-fill/Other), Compost Bags,
Ambient temperature around the compost bins and the temperature within each pile were measured daily at 9:00 AM and 16:00 PM.
The free compost will enrich borders and vegetable patches, can be used to plant up patio containers and act as a soil conditioner to improve your lawn.
All these years later there is still little topsoil, so I can use all the compost I can produce.
Research leader Dr Tara Beattie, of the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, said: "Disease-causing micro-organisms are widespread in the environment, and therefore it is not too surprising that species of Legionella that can cause human disease are present in compost.
Michael Virga: This is a nationwide effort to spread the word about compost; that compost is a key component of building healthy soil needed to grow sustainable local food that helps local communities.
A compost bin could make an ideal gift for keen gardeners or those with an interest in the environment.
By participating in compost and gardening programs, students will have "a greater appreciation for what it means to throw something in the trash," Sanders said.
Old bedding plants, grass cuttings, leaves and prunings can all be recycled to produce a compost which is ideal for spring planting.