COMPTUEXComposite Training Unit Exercise
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At the conclusion of COMPTUEX in February, following another brief maintenance period, we began our massive deployment loadout.
3rd Fleet, said, "COMPTUEX is designed to put a strike group through the highest level of training that we can possibly give.
COMPTUEX is noteworthy because Tonnerre and the French antisubmarine frigate La Motte-Piquet conducted joint interoperability training with U.S.
Sailors aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65) were working hard during a demanding composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX) this past January, but they keep their busy day going with a stop at the ship's local coffee shop, Starboard Joe's.
In November, VFA-83 left for a COMPTUEX detachment aboard USS Dwight D.
We support everyone from the newest pilots training with fleet replacement squadrons seasoned pilots flying SFARP, TOPGUN, COMPTUEX, and JTFEX."
Sotherland several days before the start of COMPTUEX. Both Sotherland and Tonnerre s Commanding Officer French Navy Capt.
9, 2007, when Hubble was embarked during a Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX).
Nearing the conclusion of a COMPTUEX, my section of FA-18s was scheduled for a close air support (CAS) with Marines in the Pinecastle Range Complex.
Enterprise left Norfolk this past January to conduct a composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX), and hosted more than 100 officers and DVs, including U.S.
COMPTUEX provides the opportunity for the ships to work together as a team.
It was the end of work-ups, COMPTUEX was over, and the squadron would deploy soon.