COMPXNASDAQ Composite Index
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An industry leader in locks and locking systems for wood furniture, CompX Timberline has developed the DC-515 Drawer Clip and LC-515 Locking Clip, which work together and enable any of the company's standard gang or central lock systems to be used with most name-brand undermount slides.
CompX developed the new components after receiving a number of active reguests from customers, Peters says.
Designed to work within the reduced side clearance undermount slides provide, the CompX Timberline DC-515 and LC-515 also do not reguire spacers or extra machining when the drawer box material ranges from 0.437 inches to 0.625 inches thick.
Equation (1) is consistent with Ohlson (1995), where COMPX is a component of net income.
Although P is share price at fiscal year end and the price affecting the option values comprising COMPX is price at the option grant date, the two prices are highly positively correlated.
Specifically, we replace COMPX in Equation (1) with COMPX *, which is the predicted value from a regression of COMPX on instruments that we expect to be highly correlated with SFAS No.
Compass Software GmbH 9706 Composite Panel 935 Association CompX International Inc.
"We're very pleased with the quality of leads," said Tim Peters of CompX Timberline.
CompX Timberline says its new System 120 gang lock provides an engineered lockbar location for reliable gang locking.
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