COMRELCommunity Relations
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Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm, and keep your eye out for future COMREL events in your area.
It's had its challenges," LT Kevin Norton, Peleliu's Chaplain said of Pacific Partnership's massive COMREL effort.
SK2 (AW) Teiaundra Niblet said, "The children are so warm and friendly despite their situation and I'm looking forward to doing more COMREL projects like this one.
The COMREL project involved renovation of the kitchen, dining area and playground--repaired leaks, swing-set seats, electrical and lighting fixtures, replaced kitchen cabinet doors, and two 12' seesaw planks, painted the walls, counters, cabinets, table and playground equipment.
Over time, this team developed a detailed and highly efficient logistics planning matrix; this matrix saved the mission significant time and money by squaring away daily requirements for each port's husbanding agent as early as possible and ensuring that dental, medical, Seabee, and COMREL teams arrived on site faster and fully supplied.
In COMREL, the crew expended 3,295 total man-days dedicated to hospital refurbishment, school refurbishment, erosion control, home construction, sports participation, and IT support.
The Stores division expended numerous man-hours as they on-loaded 1,128 pallets of stock, deliver-to-order (DTO), and contractor furnished material to be used throughout the deployment and for COMREL projects.
As mentioned, potable water was a concern not only on board, but also ashore for the COMREL, training and repair shore parties.