COMRELCommunity Relations
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SK2 (AW) Teiaundra Niblet said, "The children are so warm and friendly despite their situation and I'm looking forward to doing more COMREL projects like this one.
In COMREL, the crew expended 3,295 total man-days dedicated to hospital refurbishment, school refurbishment, erosion control, home construction, sports participation, and IT support.
As mentioned, potable water was a concern not only on board, but also ashore for the COMREL, training and repair shore parties.
During the sixhour RAS with the USNS Patuxent (T-AO 201), the ship received 68 pallets of material via connected replenishment, ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to wood for COMREL projects and 400,000 gallons of fuel.
This is the first time I have ever done a COMREL," said OS2 Deltria Hines.
If you want to start a COMREL project in your area, orphanages aren't the only area to turn; COMREL projects can be found within the command by Sailors who are involved with charities, schools, churches and other deserving organizations.
It's had its challenges," LT Kevin Norton, Peleliu's Chaplain said of Pacific Partnership's massive COMREL effort.