COMROChamber of Mines Research Organisation (Coal Mining Research Council of South Africa)
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COMRO's portable gold analyser, nearing its final stages of development, will scan an entire exposed reef, giving instantaneous readings which are stored and downloaded to a PC on surface, thus increasing precision of both stope face and ore reserve evaluation.
"For a very long time the flow of real estate information has been in a 'push' proposition," said Kevin Travers, President and Founder of
Aspects of research being carried out by the Chamber of Mines Research Organisation (COMRO) cover a wide range of projects including the continued development of the impact mining system and a range of stoping equipment, delineation of orebodies and other geological structures, prediction of grade and distribution, and the development and design of backfill systems.
Speakers included Jon Paulson, senior vice president of; Heather Shively, CEO of, Kevin Travers, president of and Simon Ziff, president of Ackman-Ziff Realty.
COMRO (Chamber of Mines Research Organization) carries out extensive research in all aspects of mining to increase productivity and safety. loaded fast and also had a New York City choice among its nationwide?