COMSEVENTHFLTCommander, Seventh Fleet
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Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT) N4 (led by LCDR Rob Deguzman) and later by Commander, 7th Fleet (COMSEVENTHFLT) N4 (led by LCDR John Tencer).
Representatives from COMPACFLT, COMSEVENTHFLT, Commander, Fleet Air Western Pacific (CFWP), Commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific (CLWP), Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Yokosuka, FISC Det Guam, Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP), FISC Det Singapore, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Naval Operational Logistics Support Center, and FISC San Diego Logistics Support Center were among the most frequent participants.
LCDR Mike Beza adds, "When I took my position on COMSEVENTHFLT, I knew there would be some Joint involvement, but never understood the depth that the staff plays in the Joint world.