COMSTATCommunications Status (US DoD)
COMSTATComputer Statistics (also seen as COMPSTAT; law enforcement)
COMSTATCommand Status (policing method)
COMSTATCommercial Space Transportation and Tourism
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For many years, Penta Comstat was the land-based "radio relay vessel" for the Gosford to Lord Howe Island Yacht Race and it was during these races that I got to know the Barnards well.
At the heart of Comstat and CitiStat is "accurate and timely intelligence," the first tenet of Jack Maple's canon.
(48) Such cynicism may be well founded given concerns over "Comstat" ("computer statistics") meetings apparently conducted by New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's administration at which NYPD precinct commanders were pressured to increase arrest and gun seizure statistics and decrease crime statistics.
As NYPD commissioner under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Bratton implemented weekly "Comstat" meetings pressuring local precinct captains to report statistical declines in crime, which in practice meant arresting squeegee men, high school truants, minority youth and sex workers alike.
They brought in Comstat (computer statistics), a new crime statistics monitoring and evaluation system that had been developed and used successfully in New York City.
NDC Comstat, provides 24-hour-a-day monitoring of third-party payer connections.
Comstat, a GIS mapping system, allows precincts in New York and other cities to map crime hot spots.
Precinct commanders were called to account in weekly "COMSTAT" meetings: Why are there so many shootings on that street corner?
Satellite Business Systems--joint venture of IBM, Comstat General and Aetna Casualty--gets FCC authorization.
5) Develop Run Estimates and COMSTAT reporting procedures within the battalion
MDPP participates in weekly COMSTAT meetings and other meetings with district commanders.