COMTACTactical Communications (US DoD)
COMTACCommand Tactical
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Other models are bulbous and, as we say in technical lingo, sort of "sticky-outy," and while they may offer a slightly higher Noise Reduction Rating, I find the Comtac just fine.
The Comtac features dual microphones, giving you directional hearing and an interface for boom mike and radio interconnection, but my favorite feature is the on/off volume control.
"With the ComTac XPI headset, you can hear warning signals and communicate with your colleagues.
The Monroe County Sheriff%s Office intends to purchase 25 Atlantic Signal Comtac III ACH Single Comm Headsets and 6 Atlantic Signal Low Visibility R23 Ruggedized 2 Wire Kits for use by our tactical team and has determined the minimum specifications required of the best design, functionality and comfort available, in order to meet our interoperability needs.
Wadas decided she needed more training in order to teach her son the proper use of firearms, so she trained at top schools, including Lethal Force Institute, Comtac and Yavapai Firearms.
Sweden intends to replace the existing communication system, which is based on the Selex Communications PRR, the Peltor Comtac XP headset and Motorola GP 328/RA 1183 platoon radio, by late 2010 in order to increase modularity and flexibility.
Among the equipment currently fielded is the Motorola GP 328/RA 1183/4183 platoon radio, the Selex Galileo PRR is used as a section radio together with its headset or with Peltor Comtac XP, while for navigation two types of GPS have been issued--a full MIL-STD Rockwell Collins Dagr and a cots Garmin GPSMap 76S.
The sound and visual man-machine interface is provided by the Peltor Comtac II Tactical Headset and by the Rockwell Collins Proview S035-A monocular.