COMTIComponent Object Model Transaction Integrator (Microsoft, SNA Server)
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ClientSoft, the leader in mainframe-based Web services, adds support for IBM VSE, MQ Series, CTG, EXCI and Microsoft COMTI as well as enhanced Web services support to ClientSoft Tanit Objects (CTO) version 3.
Here are just a few methods that you can use to access your CTO reengineered mainframe applications: IBM MQ Series, CTG, EXCI, Microsoft COMTI and Web services.
As the only Microsoft(R) Enterprise Partner in the OS/390 space, Amdahl utilizes the functionality of Microsoft products such as SNA Server(TM) with COMTI, and Amdahl's e-Commerce Secure Transaction Service (e-STS) to provide customers with fully transactional, secured access to legacy data via the Web.