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In particular, we use the UN COMTRADE (3) database, which contains details on bilateral international goods trade flows by detailed product category, the Business Structure Database, which contains a register of UK firms, including details of their employment, industry and location, and the UK Labour Force Survey, which facilitates construction of a number of local labour market characteristics.
COMTRADE data base TABLE 3 Shifts in Comparative Advantage of Indian Sugar Exports 2001 2004 2007 2010 2013 RCA '1701 4.
COMTRADE Database, Data retrieved August 18, 2012, from http://comtrade.
COMTRADE data base Note: Comparative advantage across the years are indicated with #.
According to the UN COMTRADE data, Vietnam's total trade value in S1-6 with China was USD0.
Para la contrastacion de estas hipotesis se hace uso de informacion estadistica procedente de la base de datos de comercio exterior UN COMTRADE (United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database) (8), que permite un nivel de desagregacion sectorial por capitulos arancelarios a nivel de 2 digitos de acuerdo con la clasificacion sectorial del sistema armonizado de mercancias (HS 1992).
The graphical record of the simulation was captured with a dedicated algorithm in CAPE for creating COMTRADE files of the fault.
According to UN COMTRADE data, Pakistan footwear exports for the year 2006 were about US$ 135 million.
2 billion in 1996-1997, the highest points recorded in COMTRADE statistics so far.
PC-TAS: The analysis found in TradeMaps is based on official trade statistics from COMTRADE, the world's largest trade database, which is maintained by the United Nations Statistics Division.