COMUSNAVCENTCommander, United States Navy, Central Command (US DoD)
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COMUSNAVCENT acts in concert with other Central Command components, the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) and joint task forces to deter destabilizing activities and promote a lawful maritime order in the Central Command Area of Responsibility (AOR).
MHQ is defined as the staff, mission, and functions of a Navy Component Commander (NCC) (COMUSFLTFORCOM, COMPACFLT, COMUSNAVEUR, COMUSNAVCENT, COMUSNAVSOUTH and the five numbered fleet commanders).
Our diverse team of 20 Sailors was composed of Seabee and logistics personnel from COMUSNAVCENT, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Naval Support Activity Bahrain Public Works Department and Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 (NMCB-7).