CONAPConsejo Nacional de Areas Protegidas (Guatemala)
CONAPContinuation of Nicotine Augmentation Project
CONAPConfederación de Nacionalidades Amazónicos del Perú (Spanish: Confederation of Amazonian Nationalities of Peru)
CONAPContinuing Appropriation (Philippines)
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In 1993 and 1994, during the final war years, CONAP and the army established the first checkpoint when the state began to combat 'invaders', most often landless peasants and civil war refugees.
4) La visibilidad de estas organizaciones resulta clara en la configuracion de fuerzas de la organizacion indigena en el Peru, particularmente cuando se la analiza en el plano nacional (en oposicion al local) CCP, CNA, CONAP y AIDESEP firman pronunciamientos de manera conjunta desde hace al menos una decada, mientras que CONACAMI ha ganado presencia a partir de las tensiones generadas en torno a comunidades campesinas (andinas) y mineria.
Not surprisingly, local people have demonstrated their disapproval of exclusionary practices and potential loss of livelihood by burning several CONAP checkpoints in 1991 and 1993 and a biological station in 1997.
The Rocas spirited two of the dolphins out of the country When CONAP issued an arrest warrant for the Rocas, charging them with illegal wildlife trafficking, they fled the country as well.
In May 1995, although the funds were already allocated and the pipeline had largely been built, CI submitted a proposed mitigation plan on behalf of CONAP, the Center for Conservation Studies at the University of San Carlos (CECON), and the Municipality of San Andres in the hopes that the potential direct and indirect impacts of the pipeline might be contained.
In a bid to save Sierra Caral, in 2011, CONAP put forward Bill 4025, which seeks to protect the forest by dividing it into three areas:
2004:190-196); CONAP (2001); Hofling y Tesucun (1997:61-71) e ITIS (2009).
In particular, CONAP is a virulently anti-Lavalas feminist organization that has shunned the language of class struggle in a country where a tiny percentage of the population owns nearly everything.
Julio Armando Vasquez Ramirez was a CONAP regional administrator and Erwin Arnoldo Ochoa Lopez was CONAP's Legal advisor.
Included in the operating segment are the Specialty Resins, Polymer Additives, Surfactants and Specialty Monomers, and CONAP product lines.
Bajo este marco, una vez acreditado el Postgrado (2004-2009) su Direccion, siguiendo las directrices de la CONAP e indicaciones de la OAI, comienza el proceso de acreditacion de sus quince Programas (7), incluyendo aquellos de corta historia.
Expressing other concerns, Carlos Albacete, director of the environmental non-governmental organization Tropico Verde said, "The situation is so bad that CONAP is asking help from the environmental NGOs.