CONAPACConservacion de la Naturaleza Amazonica del Perú AC (Civil Association for Conservation of the Peruvian Amazon Environment)
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Founded in 1992, CONAPAC was re-established in 2016 and is described as a space for reflection to help guide Argentinas relations with Asia Pacific countries.
Proceeds form the sale of the book benefit CONAPAC's Adopt-A School program, "Saving the rainforest one child at a time." The Fishscale Girl book series is thoughtful and beautiful, an inspiring testimony to a friendship and partnership between the author, Ann Hailey, and the doll's creator artist, Rosita.
"Fishscale Girl" is a multicultural book for children "written in the spirit of 'Conservation de la Naturaleza Amazonica del Peru,' or CONAPAC, a non-profit organization in Peru whose mission is to promote conservation of the rainforest through education of its stewards, the people living along the Amazon and Napo Rivers." Accordingly, proceeds from the sale of "Fishscale Girl" benefit CONAPAC's Adopt-A-School program, "saving the rainforest one child at a time."