CONASUPOCompañía Nacional de Subsistencias Populares (México)
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The market price for corn was much higher than the subsidized price Conasupo offered to the harineros (flour folks).
Now cattle ranchers, corn flour manufacturers and Conasupo, the government purchasing and distribution arm, will import up to nine million tons of corn, wheat and sorghum in 1996 at a price that has doubled as a result of adverse climate conditions worldwide.
Serving in a top position at the state food distributor Conasupo, Raul Salinas was one of Mexico's highest-paid officials.
Among these was the dismantling of the state-run foodstuffs company (Compania Nacional de Subsistencias Populares, CONASUPO), which for decades played a key role in regulating domestic markets by storing, importing, and distributing grain.