CONAVIGUAComité Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala (Guatemala)
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This is clear in a 1992 CONFREGUA statement that declared "Our solidarity with the task of defending human rights and of seeking a life with more dignity that the grassroots social organizations like CONAVIGUA, the CERJ, CIEPRODH and others are carrying on.
The note specifically condemned CONFREGUA, the progressive Protestant organization CIEDEG, the ecumenical Campaign for Life and Peace, the new officially sanctioned Assembly of Civil Society, and related "social groups of the insurgency," including the popular organization CONAVIGUA and the Comunidades de Poblacion en Resistencia, formed by refugees who fled into clandestine camps in the mountains.
This event, which ended with a religious ceremony, brought religious workers together with large numbers of union members and activists from such grassroots groups as GAM, CONAVIGUA, CONDEG, CUC, and CERJ.
In spite of continuing terror and repression, new grass-roots organizations have formed: CERJ, the organization opposing the Civil Patrols and forced conscription by the army; CONAVIGUA, the organization of widows and orphans; GAM, the organization of relatives of the disappeared; CONDEG, the organization of displaced persons; the Communities in Resistance, indigenous communities living in the highlands who refuse to submit to the model villages; and others.
Jennifer Schirmer, in her study of El Salvador's CoMadres and Guatemala's CONAVIGUA widows, describes how the women come to gain a gendered consciousness through their actions, and that many move 'beyond the 'motherist' paradigm to a larger objective of challenging traditional constructions of 'femininity' .
Carmen Gomez of CONAVIGUA, one of the nearly 200 people looking for a relative in Comalapa, saw her husband for the last time on May 8, 1981, when two strangers burst into her house and took her husband away.
As long as we do not know for a fact that they are dead it is very difficult to recover that peace and that tranquility," said Rosalina Tuyuc, founder of CONAVIGUA and one of the first congresswomen of Maya origin.
There is an increasingly problematic situation created by the conditions of the refugees in Mexico, similar to what is taking place with other communities of resistance, the CPR, the CONAVIGUA (the organization of widows in Guatemala), and others inside Guatemala.