CONAVIGUAComité Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala (Guatemala)
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Three years after CONAVIGUA collected testimonies in the community, the remains of 86 people were exhumed from a mass grave in the Estrella Polar plantation.
This is clear in a 1992 CONFREGUA statement that declared "Our solidarity with the task of defending human rights and of seeking a life with more dignity that the grassroots social organizations like CONAVIGUA, the CERJ, CIEPRODH and others are carrying on." Between 1992 and 1994, despite occasional differences, ties became even closer as both joined the long struggle to give civil society a renewed role in the formal peace process (which resulted in the Assembly of Civil Society).
At one juncture in The Devil's Dream, Rosalina Tuyuc, among the Indian women in Guatemala most responsible for the emergence of the widows' rights group CONAVIGUA, puts it succinctly thus: "Without land," she says, "there is no life." This point of view, and the deeply rooted beliefs that anchor it, are developed in Tierra Madre by a number of individuals, among them a Maya Catholic priest, the Reverend Dario Caal Xi, and a Ladino lawyer, Fredy Ochaeta.
Among those protesting was Maria Canil of the group known as the National Coordinator of Guatemalan Widows, popularly referred to by its acronym, CONAVIGUA.
32 (Summer 1989); and idem, "The Seeking of Truth and the Genedering of Consciousness: The Comadres of El Salvador and the CONAVIGUA Widows of Guatemala," in Radcliffe and Westwood (fn.
The latest cycle of death threats began with a heated exchange between Defense Minister Garcia Samayoa and Rosalina Tuyuc, the combative 36-year-old head of Conavigua (National Coordinating Committee of Guatemalan Widows), which remains at the vanguard of Guatemala's political opening.
In spite of continuing terror and repression, new grass-roots organizations have formed: CERJ, the organization opposing the Civil Patrols and forced conscription by the army; CONAVIGUA, the organization of widows and orphans; GAM, the organization of relatives of the disappeared; CONDEG, the organization of displaced persons; the Communities in Resistance, indigenous communities living in the highlands who refuse to submit to the model villages; and others.
Jennifer Schirmer, in her study of El Salvador's CoMadres and Guatemala's CONAVIGUA widows, describes how the women come to gain a gendered consciousness through their actions, and that many move 'beyond the 'motherist' paradigm to a larger objective of challenging traditional constructions of 'femininity' ...
25, celebrated as a national day for victims of the armed conflict, the Coordinadora Nacional de Viudas de Guatemala (CONAVIGUA) unveiled a monument in Comalapa with the names of the 250 local people who went missing during the war.
There is an increasingly problematic situation created by the conditions of the refugees in Mexico, similar to what is taking place with other communities of resistance, the CPR, the CONAVIGUA (the organization of widows in Guatemala), and others inside Guatemala.