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CONCANACOConfederacion de Camaras Nacionales de Comercio (Spanish: Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Mexico)
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Guzman, Salazar and Beatty all signed the agreement, as well as Ricardo Navarro Benitez, vice president of CONCANACO SERVYTUR, and a representative from World Trade Center Utah.
Se trata de acuerdos y concertaciones permanentes a partir de negociaciones explicitas e implicitas entre autodenominados empresarios (bodegueros de Ciudad Hidalgo e introductores de Tapachula), miembros de la Concanaco, Servytur, jefes aduanales y de migracion, lideres sindicales, gobiernos municipales y medios de comunicacion local.
"We can no longer allow these actions, which put at risk the lives of people and property and affect the economic growth and image of Mexico," said CONCANACO SERVYTUR president Enrique Solana Senties.
The Secretariat of Economy and six chambers of commerce (Concamin, Conieti, Caname, Anfad, Antad and Concanaco) agreed to pursue a program that will allow for industrial and commercial companies within the border zone to certify their own compliance with certain Mexican Official Standards (NOMs).
Is it the large economic and financial grupos associated with COPARMEX and CONCANACO or the small and medium-sized businesses represented by CANACINTRA?