CONCAPConstruction Capabilities Contract (Navy; US DoD)
CONCAPConsortium for Materials Development in Space
CONCAPConstruction Capabilities Contract Program (US DoD)
CONCAPConstruction Capabilities Contract Process (US DoD)
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Generally, the GAO found that effective planning for contractor contingency support required collaboration "with the contractor to develop comprehensive and clear statements of work in the early stages of planning." (1919) Although the GAO found that the AFCAP, CONCAP, BSC, and some work under the LOGCAP had used more-effective planning techniques, the Army Central Command had not used proper LOGCAP planning guidance for support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
LOGCAP, AFCAP, and CONCAP support joint US operations around the world, freeing military forces for those activities that actually require uniformed personnel.
Although the Air Force and Navy could also utilize the LOGCAP contract, the Navy awarded its own version, the CONCAP, in 1995 and the Air Force followed suit with the AFCAP contract in 1997.