CONCAWECONservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe
CONCAWEEuropean Oil Company Organisation for Environment, Health and Safety (Belgium)
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This extraction and analysis procedure is commonly used to obtain and quantify the PAH fraction from the raw material of PS (also known as Method II chemical characterization procedure), and has been widely used and validated also for mutagenicity and carcinogenicity testing of PS (Blackburn et al., 1986; Concawe, 1994; Clonfero et al., 1996; Mackerer et al., 2003).
Con la normalizacion de la prueba CONCAWE se superaran las desventajas de la prueba MITI II, y se dispondra de un metodo confiable para el ensayo de compuestos volatiles y poco soluble.
This and increasing demand for diesel and jet fuel are causing problems for a refining system that was built to make petrol and is only slowly adapting to these changes," says Chris Beddoes, director-general of CONCAWE, the oil companies' European association for environment, health and safety in refining and distribution.
Its members are representatives of the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency and industry associations (CEFIC, Eurometaux, REACH Alliance, Concawe, FECC and UEAPME).
CONCAWE. The algorithms used by the BCFWIN program were extended to hydrocarbons by developing a correction factor for the hydrocarbon chemical class (Stewart et al.
Lothar Kistenbruegger, REACH technical coordinator for CONCAWE', the European association for health, environment and safety in oil refinery and distribution, a key feedstock producer for the plastics sector is concerned about small companies and their ability to comply.
Similar studies for preceding years are available as a series of CONCAWE reports and the 25-year (1971 to 1995) performance statistics have been analysed and reported.
*The seveso 2 directive and the oil industry: published by Concawe, the oil companies' European organisation for environment, health and safety, this report aims to provide the oil industry with guidelines for the implementation of the Community's Seveso 2 Directive.