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CONCEPTConsolidated Community Emissions Processing Tool (emissions modeling)
CONCEPTConsortium of Nursing, Clinical, Educational and Professional Teams
CONCEPTConsortium for Computer Education and Programmer Training (est. 1984)
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In my opinion, the first form of abstract concepts in general is based upon such abstract pictures.
The decision to adopt the 4+1 challenge-based construct for the joint operating concepts has required a significant shift in how we approach concept development.
However, after many meetings and discussions of who we are, our core services, our features and benefits, everything seemed to come back to the Concept," said Dan Harsh, President & Co-Owner.
But how concept mapping is seen in the teaching profession is the aim of this research and how much beneficial and effective concept maps are in teaching learning process.
Concept maps can be used as tools for planning curricula and the associated instruction, representing the structure of science content, investigating and describing student knowledge structures, and noting changes in those structures.
Self concept plays a significant role in Children with Special Needs as well.
In such a case, a subnode, called a partial-area, is included to represent a concept group comprising one root and all its descendants within its area.
Franken (1994) suggests that self-esteem and self concept are related to each other, i.e.
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