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The style of the letter was decidedly concise and terse; but Tom thought it the most wonderful specimen of composition that had appeared in modern times.
"You have done well, Harris; this report is concise, compact, well expressed; the language is crisp, the descriptions are vivid and not needlessly elaborated; your report goes straight to the point, attends strictly to business, and doesn't fool around.
Under the regulations, the last known address is the address that appears on the taxpayer's most recently filed and properly processed federal tax return, unless the IRS has been given clear and concise notification of a different address.
While providing concise summaries of technical procedures in interventional radiology, radiologists and surgeons focus on the clinical care of patients who undergo interventional radiology treatment.
However, it is submitted that the statement of accounts of Niazi Services Limited attached with the proposed Revised Concise Statement show that that as on June 30, 2003 (being the period between 16.6.2003 and 30.10.2003) he owned GBP 99,702.28.
Critique: "A Concise History of the Netherlands" by academician James C.
The new Dictionary Of Geography includes over 3,100 clear, concise entries covering cartography, surveying, meteorology, climatology, ecology, population, industry and development.
• Is a concise review of Critical Care, Trauma and Emergency Medicine
Dunlop's youngsters invariably take a race or two to come to themselves, so Concise should be a lot sharper second time round.
The Book has been written in a clear and concise manner, with real-life marketing examples in each chapter.
The code requirements are illustrated with 170 design examples with concise step-by-step solutions.