CONCLCongenital Ovine Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (vitamin deficiency in sheep)
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As befits a book that purports to cover all of Ondaatje's work, the chapters are arranged chronologically, bookended by chapters titled "Contexts and Intertexts" and "Critical Overview and Concl usion." Both chapters are useful, especially for beginners to Ondaatje criticism.
(30) The same term consolazione, finally, occurs at the beginning of the Author's Conclusion, when he addresses the very noble ladies for whose consolation he has undertaken this long labor ("'Nobilissime giovani, a consolazion delle quali io a cosi lunga fatica messo mi sono [...]'" Author's Concl. 1).
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The researchers concl ude: "Complementary use of a mind-body exercise, such as [tai chi], may provide additional improvements of clinical outcomes in the pharmacologic treatment of geriatric depression."
m to ace of first If the SFA do study the tapes and concl was a deliberate act then McCoist may be y lude it e forced to find away of doing without him for a few games.
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