CONCOAControls Corporation of America (gas industry; Virginia Beach, VA)
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CONCOA launched their IntelliSwitch technology more than a decade ago to help gas customers, particularly those using cryogenic supplies, manage the necessary switch between two sources of gas.
The system CONCOA and Airgas designed consists of manifolds, switchovers, alarms instead of individual cylinders without alarm capability for the resonator gases, and outside bulk cryogenic oxygen storage for the assist or process gas.
A new series of single-stage cylinder gas regulators designed for primary pressure control of highly corrosive gases, such as chlorides, sulfides, and other acid-forming gases used in today's specialty gas environment, has been introduced by CONCOA.
20 Cellectricion 40 CONCOA 20 CRAIC Technologies, Inc.
CONCOA has introduced a new industrial pipeline regulator designed to exceed heavy heating and cutting pressure and flow requirements.
A series of CONCOA Mass Flowmeters and Controllers accurately monitor and control the flow of a range of gases electronically.
For more information, contact Richard Green, Manager of Business Development, CONCOA, at ruchard.