CONCOMConservation Commission
CONCOMContractor Competency (UK)
CONCOMCouncil of Nature Conservation Ministers (Australia)
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In this regard, we will be working closely with the Concom," he added.
Con-com member and former Supreme Court Justice Eduardo Nachura echoed Nograles' call, saying all 23 members of Concom are willing to declare their support to any candidate backing federalism.
Now in their information campaign on federalism, the inter-agency task force should not use the federalism proposal of ConCom as the federalism model of the Duterte's administration or else our people will outwardly reject it.
Based on reports, the ConCom proposal suggests to provide fiscal and administrative autonomy to the country's current 18 regions, thus turning them to virtual federal states like that of the United States, Germany among others.
This month, ConCom voted overwhelmingly in favor of enshrining anti-dynasty measures, including blocks on dynastic families from fielding election candidates to removing incumbent dynastic lawmakers from their elected seats, in a proposed new draft constitution.
The lawmaker, in a statement, said that, besides completing the Concom's membership, which includes retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno and former Senate President Aquilino Q.
Former Concom spokesman Ding Generoso also said that Duterte's decision not to discuss federalism during his SONA does not show that he is no longer interested in it, but could mean that he is thinking of strategies on how to present it to the public.
The House version did not adopt the draft submitted by the ConCom to Malacanang.
In Article XI of Concom's proposal, the Federal Republic will have 18 regions, sixteen of which will be symmetrical in natural.
Thus, State Constitutions fortify the Federal Constitution as proposed by the ConCom and this will accelerate the federalization process of the country.
Senator Koko Pimentel, a chief advocate of federalism, said the Concom framers envision to divide the three main islands of the country -- Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao -- into 18 federal regions with a nationally-elected President and Vice President.