COND-MATCondensed Matter
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4(a), (b), and (c) show that when [beta][greater than or equal to]0.03, the advantage of the NCCDH is more obvious than all the other algorithms, especially in the Ca-GrQc and COND-MAT. For example, limited spreading is promoted by applying the k-shell decomposition on the Ca-GrQc and COND-MAT because these seeds are mostly in close proximity to one another.
The experimental results are given here for the Ca-GrQc and COND-MAT with a larger scale.
Network n m <d> [d.sub.max] Hamsterster friendships 2426 16630 13.7098 273 Ca-GrQc 5242 14484 5.5261 81 COND-MAT 16264 47594 5.8527 107 Network T A [kc.sub.max] Hamsterster friendships 0.2313 0.0474 24 Ca-GrQc 0.6298 0.6593 43 COND-MAT 0.3596 0.1846 17 Table 2.