CONDEGConsejo Nacional de Desplazados de Guatemala (Spanish: National Council of Displaced Guatemalans)
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This event, which ended with a religious ceremony, brought religious workers together with large numbers of union members and activists from such grassroots groups as GAM, CONAVIGUA, CONDEG, CUC, and CERJ.
The acronyms translated are: GAM, the Mutual Support Group; CONAVIGUA, the National Coordinating Committee of Guatemalan Widows; CERJ, the acronym in Quiche for We Are All Equal; CONDEG, the National Council of Displaced Persons of Guatemala; ACG, Guatemalan Christian Action; CPRs, Communities of People in Resistance; CUC, Committee for Campesino Unity.
In spite of continuing terror and repression, new grass-roots organizations have formed: CERJ, the organization opposing the Civil Patrols and forced conscription by the army; CONAVIGUA, the organization of widows and orphans; GAM, the organization of relatives of the disappeared; CONDEG, the organization of displaced persons; the Communities in Resistance, indigenous communities living in the highlands who refuse to submit to the model villages; and others.