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CONDUITCooperative Opportunity for NCEP (National Centers for Environmental Prediction) Data Using IDD (Internet Data Distribution) Technology
CONDUITControl Designers Unified Interface (control systems design)
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As the name implies, issuers in conduit debt transactions primarily serve as channels between lenders and the third parties (other governments and nonprofits such as colleges and hospitals are frequent beneficiaries) that receive the proceeds of loans and are primarily responsible for repaying them ("third-party obligors," or simply "obligors").
Centrica, which operates under the name British Gas in Wales, confirmed that their contract will end will Conduit on March 31.
Conduit owns an interest in Electricidad del Golfo through its fund, Latin Power III.
Comprised of conduit manufacturers, equipment suppliers, accessory producers and other companies, the Power & Communications Division focuses on educating specifiers, end users and installers.
The Dig Once ( bill states , "The Secretary shall require States to evaluate the need for broadband conduit in accordance with this section as part of any covered highway construction project [...] If the evaluation reveals an anticipated need in the next 15 years for broadband conduit beneath hard surfaces to be constructed by the project, the conduit shall be installed under the hard surfaces as part of the covered highway construction project."
Custom-bending conduit is a bit of an art that takes some practice.
The Conduit Carrier Cart simplifies the handling and transportation of rigid electrical conduit, which has long, narrow dimensions that do not fit easily onto material handling vehicles.
The UPVC conduits used for electrical installations are made of polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), and are produced in the BC Conduit factory, which has an annual capacity of 36,000 tonnes.
Flexible Collagen Nerve Conduit is a resorbable, flexible type I collagen tubular matrix that provides both an encasement for peripheral nerve injuries as well as protection of the neural environment.
The 20-page guide details the different hazardous area classifications and zones and outlines the company's flexible conduit systems that can be used in such areas.
Conclusion: At midterm followup, Contegra conduit was associated with low re-intervention rates with satisfactory haemodynamic results.
Designed to be liquid-tight and boasting high tensile strength, the new conduit is resistant to corrosion and high heat, making it ideal for a number of applications.