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CONDUITCooperative Opportunity for NCEP (National Centers for Environmental Prediction) Data Using IDD (Internet Data Distribution) Technology
CONDUITControl Designers Unified Interface (control systems design)
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NYSE: NUE) has agreed to acquire North American steel electrical conduit manufacturer Republic Conduit from Luxembourg-based Tenaris S.
Custom-bending conduit is a bit of an art that takes some practice.
The Conduit Carrier Cart simplifies the handling and transportation of rigid electrical conduit, which has long, narrow dimensions that do not fit easily onto material handling vehicles.
The 20-page guide details the different hazardous area classifications and zones and outlines the company's flexible conduit systems that can be used in such areas.
Designed to be liquid-tight and boasting high tensile strength, the new conduit is resistant to corrosion and high heat, making it ideal for a number of applications.
The HDPE conduit is ecologically efficient during manufacturing.
An illustration of the ability of a high-volume mortgage intermediary like Meridian to deliver conduit financing for relatively small loans is our deal on 239 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn.
Coventry Crown Court heard that Conduit, 27, of Clarence Street, Nuneaton, had duped his victim by flashing his court enforcement officer's badge.
The major current market for Fireguard LSZH conduit compounds is in Europe, where regulations favor plastic replacement of metal conduit and smoke-toxicity limits are particalarly stringent.
A significant impediment to any audit program was the fact that the taxpayer subject to audit was the bond-holder, whereas the facts relating to whether tax-exempt bonds qualified for exemption under the Code were in the hands of the governmental issuer or the conduit borrower.
Cut a piece of 1/2-inch conduit to go between the two legs to act as a stiffener and weld everything up making sure your wheels will fit between the two outside pieces.
The refractory-lined bottom surface of the furnace charger provides an air seal so that the gas can supply a positive pressure inside the conduit that causes the flow of oxygen-laden air and gas to exit from the top of the conduit.