CONECTCoalition of New England Companies for Trade
CONECTCombat Network Communications Technology
CONECTChristian Outreach Network Establishing City-Wide Teamwork
CONECTCommittee on Networking, Education and Community Teamwork (Hannover Park, IL)
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For his part, Abderraouf Fekih, a member of CONECT, pointed to the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia, mainly related to bureaucracy, saying THE legislation governing the sector "hinders the growth of companies".
A "Startup Village" will be organized in collaboration with Smart Tunisia, Novation City, Sfax Technopark, El Ghazela Technopark, Tunisian Startups, CONECT INTECH, and Biatlabs.
"The added capability and situational awareness that CONECT brings to the B-52 boosts our lethality while enhancing safety for the aircrew and ground forces alike," said Maj.
Inspired by the U.S.' Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau and Latin America's Lamac, Conect is backed by the producers of 28 paywebs in Spain, including TBS, Fox Intl.
According to a CONECT press release, "concrete proposals concerning the different aspects of investment and the business climate have been presented by CONECT officials who have insisted on the need to ensure in a continuous way a better attractiveness of the Tunisia site, through conditions and a business climate adapted to the requirements of international competition and the expectations of local and foreign investors".
Emphasis will placed during this forum, held for the first time in an African country, on innovative start-ups with high skills, said Monia Saidi, president of CONECT International, at a conference press held Thursday in the capital.
CONECT expressed in a press release Thursday, great concern over the consequences of the significant and continued rises of the BCT's key interest rate on the funding cost of enterprises and on their competitiveness at the local and the international levels, especially that their foreign competitors enjoy a significantly lower rate and major access to funding facilities.
On another side, the President of CONECT said that many difficulties weigh heavily on the country's economic landscape, mainly the increase in the phenomenon of the shadow economy, smuggling and slow administrative procedures.
There is also need to coordinate efforts to face up to the ever-tougher international competition, Conect said in a press release.
The meeting was chaired by President of CONECT, Tarak Cherif and President of CONECT International Mrs.