CONEGCoalition Of North-Eastern Governors
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"Compliance with environmental standards, including CONEG, RoHS, and REACH, assures brands and their print partners that their Hop-Syn print projects meet sustainability requirements at all levels," comments Jack Smith, senior vice president, Hop Industries.
Additionally, depending on which specification is followed (TX DOT, AASHTO, USEPA, IN DNR, CONEG), total soil loss and turbidity can be twice as high from one compost specification relative to another.
Inter-rater reliability was 90.8 percent for CoPos and 91.7 percent for CoNeg. Events on which the raters disagreed were rescored for 100 percent agreement.
As an example, coneg(x [equivalence] y) = [bar]x [equivalence] [bar]y = x [equivalence] y, so x [equivalence] y is a fixed point for coneg.
Salespeople who are sensitive to criticism or failure, and who respond with internal, stable and global attributions to unfavourable events (high negative attributional style; CoNeg), may be assumed to experience lowered self-esteem and a reduction in client-related motivation (a form of job-specific depression).
One example of this is a model of environmental legislation put together by The Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) that focuses on reducing heavy metals found in packaging.
recently reported it not only accepted the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) Challenge to industrial companies, but already has met the group's eight-year goal for voluntary source reduction through packaging elimination, minimization, reuse and recycling.
The material is safe for food contact, complying with guidance like REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals), CONEG (Coalition of Northeast Governors), California's Proposition 65, and an FDA no-objection letter issued Oct.
They've also gone through testing for FDA 175.105 for indirect food contact, and they are of course compliant with CONEG, RoHS, and some of the other pretty standard regulations for pharmaceutical labels."
E-140 does not use in its process or formulations plasticizers, including phthalates; RoHS substances; bisphenol A; CONEG heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, chromium VI and mercury; vinyl chloride monomer or polymer; halogens including chlorine and fluorine; fluorochemicals or fluoropolymers, including PFOA; flame retardants, including brominated compounds; California Proposition 65 substances; SARA 313 substances; ozone-depleting chemicals; and natural rubber or latex compounds.
We are fully compliant with all CONEG and California Prop.