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(9) Nos depoimentos prestados pelos membros do Conselho de Integracao UFU-Sociedade, Conad e Ouvidoria do HCUFU, a pesquisadora utilizou as legendas ICS1, ICS2 e ICS3, ou seja, Instancias de Controle Social 1, 2 e 3, nao apresentadas necessariamente nesta ordem, com o objetivo de preservar a identidade dos participantes, conforme orientacoes da Resolucao 466/12 Conep.
The text is organized into four sections that briefly focus on: (1) origins of the reference points of the current ethical regulatory model, based on biomedical practice and explained in CNS Resolution 466/12; (2) recurring criticisms of this model from researchers in human and social areas; (3) advances and limits perceived in the replacement of CNS Resolution 196/96 with CNS Resolution 466/12, as well as new demands arising in the context of the Forum of Human, Social and Applied Social Science Research Associations and of the Human and Social Sciences Working Group (GT) of the National Research Ethics Commission (CONEP); and (4) trends and challenges in the development of a specific resolution for research in these areas.
Finally, authorization was granted by the Comissao Nacional de Etica em Pesquisa (CONEP) to work with humans, and the process number is 4870.
This study was conducted under the international (Helsinki) and Brazilian research regulations and approved by three regional research ethics committees--two in the states involved along with the Brazilian Research Ethics Commission (CONEP) of the National Health Council (CNS)/Ministry of Health (MS) (approved February 17, 2006, protocol number 001/06).
During the same period the formal sector registered a growth rate of 19.8%, according to the National Business Council (CONEP) study, "The Impact of the Informal Sector in the Dominican Economy".
In Brazil, the Comissao Nacional de Ethica em Pesquisa (National Commission for Research Ethics) (CONEP) is responsible for assessing ethical issues arising from all research involving human participants.