CONETCooperative Wireless Communications and Networking (International Workshop)
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Capital has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Germany based IT services and software development company Conet Technologies AG to expand its presence in European markets, the company said.
The CONET management team, headed by CEO Anke Hofer, will continue to lead the company.
Los primeros veinte anos del CONET estan marcados por una nueva desvinculacion entre el mundo del trabajo y de la educacion.
La misma habria sido redactada por el delegado militar en el CONET, coronel Hector Laborda.
A testament to Tweedy's well-known radio fixation, the title Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (and the sample of an ambiguously accented woman intoning its three words during the coda of "Poor Places") was lifted, uncredited, from The Conet Project, four CDs of eerie recordings of shortwave "numbers stations" that broadcast coded messages to intelligence agents in NATO'S phonetic alphabet.
It's a member of the Central Oregon Network, or CONet, a partnership of eight hospitals that saves on costs through group purchasing and sharing resources (see Strength in Numbers, p.
The Trace Center developed the Cooperative Electronic Library on Disability known as CoNet.
CONET also provides various courses at a third, non-university level.
The T1 nodes are connected by Advanced Telecommunications fiber-optic circuits under a CoNet tariff.
the market-leading provider of enterprise Access Governance automation solutions, today announced that it has partnered with CONET Solutions GmbH to deliver comprehensive Access Governance solutions to enterprise companies in Germany.
said it will support Conet's management team as shareholder and through its advisory board role as the company continues its growth in the core markets in Germany and Austria, expands into other European markets with its proprietary Conet UC Radio suite, a communications solution for command and control centres and further strengthens its capabilities in innovative technologies including cyber security, cloud computing and big data.