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CONFConfiguration File (Unix file extension)
CONFChattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (Gainesville, GA)
CONFConference Call
CONFConfiguration Failure
CONFContracting Flight (US Air Force)
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In a globalised economy that has experienced a financial crisis, the conf call -- and its slightly more palatable rela- tive the video variety -- could be seen as an alternative to business travel.
Vauxhall M v Guiseley Skrill Conf North, 3pm MOTORS' final season in this division for the foreseeable future continues to wind down with a home game against a team who are eyeing the play-offs.
Os valores medios de Tbs foram de 24,34 e 22,75 [degre]C, para os tratamentos CONF e AL, respectivamente.
May 24-26 International Dairy Foods Assn's Cultured Dairy Products Conf.
Southport v Woking Skrill Conf Prem, 3pm MIXED form, especially away from home, has seen the Sandgrounders slip down to 15th place in the table.
HEAR ME Speaker gives presentation IN THE CROWD Yesterday's dot conf in Dublin
May 10-13 Food Marketing Institute's Annual FMI Show & Marketecnics Conf.
Upcoming NSWNA Committee of Delegates (CODs) Meetings 19 May, 15 September, 17 November NSWNA 64th Annual Conference Conf.
The release of images like this can cause immeasurable distress to the families of the servicemen and women in volved,but that will count for little to a man who thinks nothing of using men, women and children as ``human shields'' in times of conf lict.
THE dot conf is booked out for the fourth year running - but that doesn't mean you can't join in the fun.
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Conf.